GstarCAD fastest alternative to CAD Solution

GstarCAD is a professional, functional and efficient CAD program 2D / 3D. It is a perfect tool for all designers and those who use the files in DWG / DXF. If you do not want to incur exorbitant expenditure on the purchase, or continuous updates, GstarCAD is an ideal alternative CAD software that offer price and quality.

Why GstarCAD?

DWG Compatible

GstarCAD offers compatibility with DWF and DXF file formats

Familiar Interface

No need to learn the program. Experienced with other CAD software users are free to start working with GstarCAD.

Free Mobile CAD

For smartphones and tablets, iOS or Android, GstarCAD Mobile Client is available absolutely free.

2D and 3D tools

GstarCAD Standard supports 2D drawing, but also GstarCAD Professional 3D solids, dynamic blocks and so on.


Universal Multilingual GstarCAD license allows you to install and activate any language.

Fair Pricing

With GstarCAD save up to 85%, compared to the cost of license fees for other CAD software and its updates!

Matching Program

Settings transferred from other CAD solution (linetypes, hatch patterns, styles, dimensions, etc.) are stored in GstarCAD.

Industry Solutions

GstarCAD is an open platform that works with multiple overlays industry (architecture, engineering, surveying, electrical, piping and ventilation, etc.).

Free Tables Auto XLS

Free call CAD data for the calculation of the object (volume, area, length) of the EXCEL program.

PDF to DXF Converter

Convert PDF to vector drawings DXF and DWG formats. Module surcharge.

GstarCAD World

More than 400,000 users associated with GstarCAD worldwide, from small and large companies.

Online Support

Free support online to save costs. Through remote desktop quickly analyze and resolve any matter.

GstarCAD is used in many well-known and respected companies, both in Indonesia and around the world. This is a list of companies that have trusted GstarCAD and successfully apply it in daily project activities.



Schneider Electric